Quality Control

Being a certified packaged drinking water supplier for corporate offices, we adhere to strict quality control processes.

Step 01


1ppm dosing to kill bacteria and micro organisms.

Step 02

Pressured Sand Filter

Removes large debris and sand/ dust particles.

Step 03


Dosing of Sodium Metabisulphate to remove Chlorine.

Step 04

Activated Carbon Filter

Removes all colour, odour and taste altering compounds via ‘adsorption’

Step 05

Reverse Osmosis

Capacity of 8000-16000 litres/ hour, absolutely purifies the water to provide de-mineralised water.

Step 06


Minerals added to maintain pH and TDS of the purified water.

Step 07

U.V. Sterilization

Attacks the cells of the micro-organisms.

Step 08

Ozone Dosing Tank

Sufficient time, temperature and concentration further removes any micro-organisms.

Comprehensive 8 stage manufacturing process including Reverse Osmosis, Ozonation and Ultra Violet Sterilization to eliminate growth of any micro organisms.

All manufacturing units are IS 14543, FSSAI and ISO compliant.

Regular tests carried out by BIS approved laboratories for all the units, including.

pH and TDS maintained at levels to provide proper taste, smell and mouthfeel.

Fully equipped Chemical and Microbiological laboratories with full time, qualified personnel.

GMP and GHP followed as per approved standards.

  • AMC, Yeast & Mould and any other Micro Organisms.
  • Pesticide residue and Heavy Metals in Raw Water.
  • Radioactive elements in Raw Water.