CSR Water Station

We don’t just participate in CSR activities, but enable a channel for our clients as well!

It is imperative today that every company; small, medium and large contributes and does their bit for the upliftment of the societies they operate in.

60%+ of India resides in villages even today. It is disheartening to see that most of these villages have little or no access to clean, safe, drinking water. As a young country, we need to realize the importance of health and hygiene and prepare our next generation to face all the challenges. We started an initiative wherein with the help of corporates we place Water Stations in villages which can provide safe, clean, drinking water in abundance to a people anywhere from 1000-30000. With the help of certain NGOs, we ourselves have placed approximately 55 such machines across various villages and tehsils of Maharashtra over the last couple of years.

We believe it is this ‘karma’ that will help us grow with the blessings of all the beneficiaries! Do you?! If yes, please connect with us immediately and help lift India, litre by litre!