Risk Management Support

Risk Management

We take the consumer's health more seriously than our own. With our Risk Management measures, we ensure to bring the best of quality at your doorstep.

Risk Management Measures


  • Two days stock (3 for every 1 consumed) at every location
  • Proximity of Godowns/ Units to the site
  • Plants have spare utilization capacity for additional needs
  • BCP units


  • Dual Plants (IS & FSSA compliant) at every major location
  • Replacement of batch, after inspection, at no additional cost
  • Provide water testing reports on a daily/ weekly/ monthly basis
  • Jars replaced after a period of 30 cycles if not satisfactory
  • CGWA and PCB permissions for water utilization.
Risk Management Quality

Logistical Delays

  • Defined routes of vehicles to ensure timely, orderly deliveries
  • Vehicles maintained as per GHP and FSSAI norms for hygiene
  • Spare fleet available as back up in case of break downs


  • Flat, horizontal, 2-tier matrix to ensure ease of communication
  • Available 24 x 7 to assist your needs.
  • TAT of 4 hours for escalations.
  • Cleaning and Sanitization of Dispensers to ensure purity of PDW
  • Commitment to deliver at any cost!