CSR Activities

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility in India has seen an upwelling graph over the last three years. Companies today don’t just take the CSR aspect seriously, but go beyond their expected levels to bring about a change in the society and people’s lives.

We understand the importance of clean drinking water and the fact that many of our country’s remote areas are deprived of it. Therefore, we made a choice to give something back to the society by installing over 55 Community Water Stations in remote villages which converts non potable water into potable clean drinking water.

We also installed ‘Anytime Water Stations’ in public transport area for public areas providing clean drinking water to people on the go.

In the recent devastating Kerela floods in August 2018, we took a step to serve humanity by providing drinking water in the affected areas.

Cool Spring aims to create sustainability and self-reliance in the society in the areas of social welfare.